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Feb, 2020

Board Meet and Greet

As many of you know, Armonk Baseball League (“ABL”) is a 100% volunteer run organization, providing the opportunity for recreational baseball and softball for approximately 400 Byram Hills boys and girls, ages 4-12.  In addition, ABL provides travel baseball and softball opportunities for the community as well – supporting travel teams in the spring (ages 11 and older), summer (ages 8 and older), and fall (ages 8 and older).  ABL also works in close coordination with the Byram Hills High School baseball and softball teams – organizing practices, camps, and other sessions with the BHHS teams.

Our board has made significant contributions to the community, and developments in the program to enhance the enjoyment and broad participation for the children in our program.  Several examples of these developments are:

  • Enhancements to the field at Town Hall, including replacement of fences and dugouts, including roofs to provide players with sun protection (2019),
  • Incorporation of a player draft for majors (new in 2020), in order to ensure competitive balance and fairly matched teams,
  • Expansion of ABL recreational baseball to pre-K players (2019),
  • Creation of combined, professionally run practices for instructionals (pre-K and K) and minors (1st and 2nd grade) (2019)

Due to upcoming transitions, as well as expanded opportunities within the board, we are currently looking for additional volunteers to come in and support our program – both as coaches and assistant coaches, as well as members of our board.  We are holding an open meeting on February 25th at 8:00pm at Kitchen 273 to answer questions about the board and/or coaching, in order to answer any questions that interested people may have.

Some of the open roles that we are currently seeking to fill are:

Treasurer – the treasurer will work with the board to create and monitor budgets for league programs (travel, recreational baseball and softball, training programs), as well as budget for capital expenditures and manage cash deposits and disbursements as needed.

Division Coordinators – develop game schedules for an ABL division, communicate field closures, coordinate logistics, such as uniforms, equipment, etc.  Operate as point of contact for questions for coaches, and gather initial information in the case of any disputes.

Softball Program Coordinator - Responsible for the oversight and execution of the Armonk Rec and Travel girls softball program reporting directly to the ABL Commissioner.  Individual must have passion and desire to continue to grow and improve all aspects of the league with a willingness to commit a few hours each month to softball operations.

Field coordinator – work with coaches and town administrators to allocate fields to teams for our spring rec season, as well as our spring, summer, and fall travel teams.  Also involves working with town personnel to resolve any field issues (such as needed repairs, supplies, etc).  Strategize with the board and the town as to needed capital improvements.

Secretary (new position) – this position is intended to serve two primary functions – first, to memorialize and keep meeting minutes, summarizing action items and key next steps.  The secretary position would also serve as the primary contact for league wide communications via our website.

Player advocate (new position) – this position is intended to serve as a point of contact for concerns around any conflicts surrounding player treatment.  This person would serve as a single point of contact to centralize these concerns, and the board’s investigation of these issues.  Would work with the Commissioner, General Counsel, and other board members as relevant to address any issues that arise in a consistent and appropriate manner.

Depending on the role (or roles) and the desired time commitment, it may be possible to take on multiple roles.  Current board members, as well as Chris Lemonis (director of player development) will be in attendance to answer questions and discuss the activities and responsibilities of the board.  We look forward to seeing you there!

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