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Jan, 2021

2021 Registration Now Open

ABL is happy to open the registration for the 2021 spring rec season for both baseball and softball.  We have made a few changes and updates for the 2021 season.

We will have more details about the 2021 season to follow, as the season gets closer, but a few of the highlights are:

  • We have updated our pricing for softball, and reduced the prices for all ages.  We’ve made the most significant reductions at the youngest levels (Rookies and Instructionals) in order to encourage our youngest girls to come out and give softball a try!

  • We have changed our pricing for baseball as well.  We moved from three levels (early, regular, and late) down to two levels (regular and late) in order to simplify the process.  We have also updated the fees to reflect more current pricing (use of professional coaches, for example, as well as increasing costs of equipment and umpires).

  • We are introducing a more specialized developmental program for our pre-K baseball players (players entering Coman Hill in September 2021).  We have noticed that there is a gap in between the pre-K and K baseball players, so we are going to move them into separate groups and programs to maximize the benefit for both age groups.

  • We will use GameChanger as a required tool for team management.  GameChanger will centralize communications into an easy to use app, and will allow our coaches and administrators to track (for older ages) pitch counts, in order to comply with the Little League baseball REST rules.

To Register your child click the registration link above on our website.

If you are looking to volunteer, come join the board. Please contact any board member. Contact information provided above on our website

Visit us on instagram "Armonk_baseball_softball." And we look forward to seeing you out at the parks this spring!

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