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ABL and Chris Lemonis Baseball have partnered to provide players position specific training for all ages and skill sets.  We offer:

  • Team training
  • Private and Semi-Private lessons
    • Groups of up to 4 players may sign up for semi-private lessons with Chris or Joe Farina depending on availability.
    • Sessions will be 1 hour and will be run like a private lesson but in a small group setting.  So grab a friend or fellow teammate to join you in your small personalized lesson group, while gaining the best training possible.
    • Cost per player will depend on number in group.
  • In practice or game analysis
    • Send us a live video from a game or practice and we will analyze it.
    • Our coaches provide immediate feedback and drills to will help your athlete make the needed improvements!!

Contact information for me or anyone of my coaches at:

The Registration "Training" is not currently available.

The Registration "Training" is not currently available.